The RMWS organise “led” walks throughout the year. Usually they are circular of about 4 to 6 miles, either on the marsh and in the other areas of Kent & East Sussex. The walks are generally at weekends, either Saturday mornings with a pub lunch afterwards or Sunday afternoons, with some midweek walks.

Members receive the current walks programme which includes some social events.


Subscriptions are £5/year

We changed our name to Romney Marsh Walking Society in April 2010, so that it was clearer what we did. As the requirement to fight for the preservation of footpaths had largely been taken over by the local authorities.

We still report problems found when walking to KCC. Most problems found on the marsh are broken stiles, missing bridges and  overgrown



The Romney Marsh Footpath Preservation Society was formed in 1984 with the aim of helping to restore and maintain the network of footpaths that have existed on the marsh for hundreds of years. Due to social and agricultural changes that have occurred during the latter part of the 20th century, footpaths that once provided routes to villages, inns, churches and farms, had become virtually lost. Fortunately an official survey of footpaths was carried out some years ago and they are now recorded as public rights of way on definitive maps kept by all County Councils.

Under the provisions of the Rights of Way Act 1990, the County Councils, the Countryside Commission, the County Landowners’ Association, the National Farmers’ Union, the Ramblers’ Association and several other officially recognised bodies, have representatives on the Rights of Way Review Committee. This committee has made a considerable contribution towards getting the county's footpaths properly marked and kept in  walkable condition.

The RMFPS firmly supported the above bodies, and since it was first formed, has helped the KCC in building and repairing stiles and bridges on the marsh. This voluntary work was carried out by a relatively small number of members, but walking the footpaths is also an essential part of preservation.

RMWS is affiliated to the Ramblers Association.